Tips For Calculating The Actual Conception Date

For many women who find out that they are pregnant, there is the joy of becoming a mother. However, you will want to know the exact due date when you finally get to meet your bundle of joy. Apparently, the other nagging question that is likely to bother you is the date you conceived. Many people think that it's the very day you had intercourse, but it might not be. According to research, sperms can live inside the body for up to four days, and the last day you had intercourse may not be the very day you conceived. The good thing is that there are methods you can rely on to establish the exact date of conception at .

If you have visited your doctor, there are chances that you know the expected due date. From here, units easy to calculate backward and figure out the day you conceived. If you don't have the time to count back the days, there are reliable online conception calculators that can help. You need to work with your due date, and the calculator will do the rest for you. It's easy to identify the date if you were keeping track of your cycles and ovulation dates. After ovulation, the egg must be fertilized within 24 hours, and it's easy to count backward to the very date.

If you have not been keeping tabs on your ovulation and cycles, you can still do the math and narrow down on the exact date. You need to mark the date that your last period commenced. From there, add 11 days to the date your last period started the date you get is the most probable day for you to conceive. You can add ten days to the first day that conception was possible. In between the day, there is a possibility that you conceived on one of them, you only need to narrow down on of them and analyze the one where it was possible for you to conceive. Be sure to visit this website at and know more about pregnancy.

Before you crunch the numbers, it's good to note that conception dates are simply estimates. There are times you will point out the exact date, and you can miss the date as well. However, knowing our estimated conception date at  is important since it will give you an idea of the time you are likely to have conceived. Remember, knowing the due or conception date doesn't mean your baby will arrive on such a day; they always come when they think it's high time.